Third Party Manufacturing

SMU Biocare ensures the best technology, machinery and advanced methods for manufacturing of world-class pharmaceutical products. Our state-of-art manufacturing facilities make us the leading contract manufacturing pharmaceutical company in India and enable us to provide the best in class as well as in standards medicines to patients all across the country.

Our manufacturing unit is focused to produce the highly effective and quality medicine which includes specialty, general and several other product categories. SMU Biocare produces the drug dosage in the form of tablets, capsules, injectables, ointments, creams and liquids etc by using high-quality raw materials.

Being an innovation-driven pharmaceutical company we are dedicated to producing API’s which lead to effective dosage for our patients. We have the team of experts who are well experienced in their niche. Apart from this, they are versed in regulatory policies and produce the medicines which meet all the quality parameters.

The regulatory authorities regularly conduct the stringent audit in our manufacturing unit. SNU Biocare is certified by ISO, WHO & GMP. Our sterile manufacturing facility is capable of carrying out large-scale production.

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